Our Vision and practice

We will seek, through the power of the Holy Spirit and His grace, 

to glorify God by fulfilling God's calling to make disciples of the nations

by building a fellowship that is rooted in Scriptural practice and doctrine, 

worshiping in spirit and truth,


living faith outside the walls of the church by sharing the Gospel

in word and deed, 

and focusing on a few essentials

so as to give members time to create and foster

genuine Christian community. 


Everything we do will be intentional.

Everything we do will be measured by the ultimate goal of glorifying God with the purpose of making disciples.

We affirm that we were created to worship, and therefore, we place a high priority upon the content and practice of corporate worship, following the Regulative Principle of Worship.

We understand that our doctrine will ultimately become our practice, therefore, we will make much of doctrine.

We understand we are the Church, and most of what the Church does happens outside of the church building.

We, therefore, will limit meetings in the building for the purpose of providing time and opportunities to glorify God through good works, ministries, and our callings.