sermon Videos

  If you are unable to attend, or just want to  join us as we open God's Word, we pray that these sermon videos will encourage you and Glorify God.  

10/6/19: Children's Catechism:

10/6/19: One Year Meeting Together Anniversary: The Once, and Future Church:

9/29/19: Stephen Horton (Special Music):

9/29/19: Faith Works: The Blessedness of Trials (James 1:12): 

9/22/19: Faith Works: Faith's Wisdom (James 1:5-11):

9/15/19: CRBF Singers:

9/15/19: Faith Works: Faith and the Purpose of Pain (James 1:1-4):

9/8/19: Communion Devotion (Elder Michael Styers):

9/1/19: A Great Therefore:

8/25/19: Jesus Examines His Church: Suddenly, A Throne:

8/18/19: Jesus Examines His Church: Destitute and Delusional; The Lukewarm Church:

8/11/19:  Jesus Examines His Church:  The Church of the Open Door:

8/4/19: Jesus Examines His Church: The Used-to-Be Church:

7/28/19: Living with Christ (Elder Michael Styers):

7/14/19: Jesus Examines His Church: Tolerating Evil:

7/7/19: Jesus Examines His Church: Danger from Within:

6/30/19: Unmoored from Truth: Independence Day Sermon:

6/23/19: Jesus Examines His Church: Poor, Rich, and Refinded:

6/16/19: Father's Day Sermon-- Wanted: Men

6/9/19: Graduate Sunday Recognition and sermon: Don't Give God your Leftovers (Elder Matt Hauser):

6/2/19:  Communion Devotion: Remember:

5/26/19:  Jesus Examines His Church:  Warm Hands and Cold Hearts:

5/19/19: Jesus Examines His Church: The Majestic Lord of the Church:

5/12/19: God's Call, Our Response: Vocation of Motherhood:

5/5/19: God's Call, Our Response: The Call to Salvation:

4/28/19: The Road to Jericho (Rev. Michael Styers):

4/21/19: God's Call, Our Response: Much More Beyond This:

4/14/19: The Triumphal Entry:

4/6-7/19: Our Birthday Weekend: /our-birthday

3/31/19: God's Call, Our Response: The Measure of Success:

3/24/19: How Great a Salvation: Glorification:             

3/17/19: How Great a Salvation: Sanctification:

3/10/19: How Great a Salvation: Sealed by the Spirit:

3/3/19: How Great a Salvation: Adoption:                   

2/24/19: How Great a Salvation: Redemption:                                          

2/17/19: How Great a Salvation: Reconciliation               

2/10/19: Communion Devotion:

2/3/19: How Great a Salvation:  Justification:   

1/27/19: How Great a Salvation:   Regeneration:              

1/20/19: How Great a Salvation: The Bad News of the Good News:  

1/13/19: Snow Day

1/6/19: How Great a Salvation:  The God of Second Chances:


12/30/18: Body Language:

12/23/18: The Revelations of Christmas:

12/16/18: Growing in Christ (Rev. Michael Styers):

12/2/18: Communion Devotion:

11/25/18: The Foreknowledge of God: