Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Christ Reformed Baptist Fellowship?

We are unique in biblical polity; we have an elder-led congregational-ruled polity:   /about-us/our-leadership

We are unique in intentional disciple-making; providing interesting and transforming courses throughout the year:  /connect/life-courses

We are unique in that we stress biblical church membership; we love each other enough to encourage and hold each other accountable.  See: /connect/becoming-a-member and /membership-classes-and-booklet

We are unique in intentionally combining age groups in both times of fellowship and discipleship so that the older generations can model Christian discipleship to the younger generations.

We are unique in being intentionally relational; purposefully growing one another into the image of Christ:  /connect/family-groups

We are unique in that like our Baptist and Puritan forefathers, we apply sola scriptura  (scripture alone) to our worship, and therefore, we follow the regulative principle of worship (corporate worship is to be founded on specific directions of scripture): /connect/worship

We are unique in that we ground our children and youth in the Faith by teaching them a  catechism:  /connect/childrens-ministry

We are unique by being a Reformed Baptist church.

What is a Reformed Baptist Church?

See /about-us/what-is-a-reformed-baptist-church for more information.

Are you part of a denomination?

Yes.  We are a Southern Baptist Church.  In fact, we hold to the same confession and have the same polity as the original 243 messengers and their churches who established the SBC in 1845.

What time are your services?

Sundays: Life Courses and Children's Sunday School 9:00 am, Worship 10:00 am, Children and Youth 5:00 pm. We also meet in Family Groups in homes during the week. More about our Life Courses (/connect/life-courses) and worship (/connect/worship)  can be found here.

How accessible is your building?

Our church building is easily accessible. There are handicap parking spaces right next to both entrance doors, and the auditorium and classrooms are all on the same level with no steps to navigate entering the church.

What do people wear on Sunday?

You will find all types of dress in our worship services, from suits to jeans.

What kind of music is in your worship service?

We are a diverse congregation, and therefore, our music is diverse.  We sing contemporary songs, new and traditional hymns, and use God's hymnbook, the Psalms.  Whatever the style, the standard for our music is that it accurately reflects biblical teaching and it exalts the glory and majesty of God.

Do you provide a nursery?

Yes.  Our babies and toddlers  are among our most precious treasures.  We have a beautiful, clean, and safe nursery provided during all our meetings.

How can I be a part of a Family Group?

Just show up!  All the information on Family Groups can be found here: /connect/family-groups

How do I become a member of Christ Reformed Baptist Fellowship?

We would love to have you!  All the information on becoming a member of Christ Reformed can be found here: /connect/becoming-a-member and here: /membership-classes-and-booklet

Can I talk with one of the Elders?

Of course.  They would like to hear from you.  You can find the contact information for our elders here: /about-us/our-leadership