Family Groups

Family Groups are just that; families gathering together during the week for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.  Each meeting is led by an elder of the church.  These fellowship groups are a part of our goal to intentionally build relationships with one another.  Each family in our fellowship has a geographically close family group that they are assigned and attend.  

How do I join a Family Group?

As a part of Christ Reformed Baptist Fellowship, you will be assigned to a Family Group.  All you need to do is show up.

What ages can attend a Family Group meeting?

All our family groups are intentionally multi-generational.  In a day when churches tend separate their congregation by age groups, we see a biblical mandate and a blessing to bring different ages together.  

Can I attend a different Family Group than the one I was assigned?

Yes.  Each family can attend any Family Group they choose.

Can I attend a Family Group if I'm not a part of CRBF?

Of course.  You will be most welcome.  Pick one and attend.

When do the Family Groups meet?

All of the Family Groups meet January-May, and September-November.  Each individual Family Group meets at a time and day of the week most convenient for that Family group. You can find the specific meeting day and time for each Family Group below.  

Family Groups

These are our Family Groups for the Winter/Spring of 2022, January through May.

  • King/Rural Hall Family Group

    First and Third Mondays at 6:30 pm

    Our King/Rural Hall Family Group meets at the home of Michael and Phyllis Styers located at 957 Mountain View Road, King, 27021.

  • Winston-Salem Family Group

    Second and Fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

    Our Winston-Salem Family Group meets at Travis and Donna Campbell's home at 3020 Walnut Ave., Winston-Salem, 27106.