sermon Videos

(If you are unable to attend, or just want to  join us as we open God's Word, we pray that these sermon videos will encourage you and Glorify God.  

1/10/21: Lord's Day Service & "Shadow & Substance" (Hebrews 8):

1/3/21: Lord's Day Service & "The Glory of God Alone" (Romans 11:33-36):



12/2720: Lord's Day Service & "The Day after Tomorrow" (Luke 2:15-20) (Rev. Michael Styers):

12/20/20: Lord's Day Service & "Unwrapping John 1" (John 1:1-14):

12/13/20: Lord's Day Service & "The King with Four Names" (Isaiah 9:1-7):

12/6/20: Lord's Day Service & "Saved to the Uttermost" (Hebrews 7:25-28):


11/29/20: Lord's Day Service & "Melchizedek & Christ" (Hebrews 7:1-26):

11/22/20: Lord's Day Communion Service and Communion Devotion (Rev. Michael Styers:

11/15/20: Lord's Day Service & "An Anchor for the Soul" (Hebrews 6:13-20):

11/8/20: Lord's Day Service & "Unable to Repent" (Hebrews 6:4-8):

11/1/2020: Lord's Day Service & Jesse Butcher Family:


10/25/20: Lord's Day Service & "Grow Up!" (Hebrews 5:11-6:3):

10/18/20: Lord's Day Service & "The Great High Priest" (Hebrews 4:12-16): (FaceBook version)

10/11/20: Lord's Day Service & "Will You enter Rest?" (Hebrews 4:1-13):

10/4/20: Lord's Day Service & "Hebrews: Take Care of Your Heart" (Hebrews 3:12-19):


9/27/20: Lord's Day Service & "Hebrews: The High Priest of Salvation"  (Hebrews 2:14-18):

9/20/20: Pastor Galo Maldonado's Testimony:

9/20/20: Lord's Day Service & "Hebrews: Drifting Away" (Hebrews 2:1-4):  

9/13/20: Lord's Day Service & "Hebrews: Jesus: The Final Word" (Hebrews 1:1-4):

9/6/20: Lord's Day Service & "Biblical Church Membership: Better Together" (1 Corinthians 12:12-17):


8/30/20; Lord's Day Service & Biblical Church Membership: Why You should love the Church" (Various Scriptures):

8/23/20: Lord's Day Service, Communion Devotion (Rev. Michael Styers), and Communion:

8/16/20: Lord's Day Service & "Biblical Church Membership;"

8/9/20: Lord's Day Service & "The Church you have Always Dreamed of: A Pillar of Truth" (1 Timothy 3:14-16):

8/2/20: Lord's Day Service & "The Church you have Always Dreamed of: The Ministry of Reconciliation ( 2 Corinthians 5:11-21):


7/26/20: Lord's Day Service & "The Church you have Always Dreamed of: What only God can Do" (Ezekiel 37:1-14):

7/19/2020: Lord's Day Service & "The Church you have Always Dreamed of: A Church of Beautiful Feet" (Romans 10:12-17):

7/12/2020: Lord's Day Service & "The Church you have Always Dreamed of; The Great Gift of Discipleship;" (Ephesians 4:7-16)

7/5/2020: Lord's Day Service & "Understanding the Times:"


6/28/20: Lord's Day Service & "Prayer" (Rev. Michael Styers):                 

6/21/20: Lord's Day Service & "Looking for a Man" (Ezekiel 22:30):

6/14/20: Lord's Day Service & "The Church You have always Dreamed of: What is a Disciple?" (Mark 1:16-20; Luke 5:27-32):

6/7/20: Lord's Day Service & "The Church You have always Dreamed of: We have One Job" (Matthew 28:16-20):


5/31/20: Lord's Day Service & "The Church You have always Dreamed of: The Necessity of Prayer" (Psalm 127:1):

5/24/20: Lord's Day Service & 'The Church You have always Dreamed of: The Ultimate Destination of our Prayers" (Revelation 8:1-5):

5/17/20: Lord's Day Service & "The church You have Always Dreamed of: The Power of a Prayer Meeting (Acts 4:23-31):

5/10/20; Lord's Day Service & "The God who Sees Me" (Genesis 16):

5/3/20: Lord's Day Service & "Paul's Path to Peace" Philippians 4:4-7:


4/26/20: Lord's Day Service & "A Biblical Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic: What is God Doing?"

4/17/20: Lord's Day Service & "A Biblical Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic: Foundations:"

4/12/20:  Easter Service & "Why are You Weeping" (John 20:11-18):

4/5/20: Lord's Day Service & "Lessons from a Donkey on Serving God" (Luke 19:28-40):


3/29/20: Lord's Day Service & Faith Works: Search & Rescue (James 5:19-20):

3/22/20: Abbreviated Lord's Day Service & Faith Works: The Priority of Prayer (James 5:13-18):

3/15/20: Statement on Wuhan Virus & Faith Works: Settled Hearts in Unsettling Times (James 5:7-12):

3/8/20: Faith Works: The Ruin of Riches (James 5:1-6):

3/1/20: Faith Works: Practical Atheism (James 4:13-17):


2/23/20: Faith Works: A Church God Exalts (James 4:1-12):

2/16/20: Communion Devotion: The Glories of the New Covenant:


1/26/20: Faith Works: Coram Deo (James 3:12-18):

1/19/20: Faith Works: You don't Say (James 3:1-12):

1/12/20: Faith Works: James vs Paul (James 2:14-26):

1/5/20: Devoted to God's Pattern (Acts 2:37-42):



12/29/19: Come Before Winter (2 Timothy 4:9-16):

12/15/19: Cur Deus Homo? (John 1:1-5, 9-14):

12/8/19: Faith Works: A Deadly Faith (James 2:14-26):

12/1/19: Testimony by Sarah Keel:


11/24/19: Communion Devotion: When Jesus Said Thank You (Lk. 22; Hak. 3)

11/17/19: Faith Works: Becoming a People of Mercy (James 2:1-13):

11/10/19: Bible Conference, License to Kill, (based on John Owen's book Mortification of Sin), with Rev. Bill Haynes

                     Part 1:

                     Part 2:

                     Part 3:  (At King/Rural Hall Family Group)

11/3/19: Faith Works: Responding to the Word (James 1:18-27):


10/27/19: Faith Works: Receiving the Word (James 1:18-27):

10/6/19: Children's Catechism:

10/6/19: One Year Meeting Together Anniversary: The Once, and Future Church:


9/29/19: Stephen Horton (Special Music):

9/29/19: Faith Works: The Blessedness of Trials (James 1:12): 

9/22/19: Faith Works: Faith's Wisdom (James 1:5-11):

9/15/19: CRBF Singers:

9/15/19: Faith Works: Faith and the Purpose of Pain (James 1:1-4):

9/8/19: Communion Devotion (Elder Michael Styers):

9/1/19: A Great Therefore:


8/25/19: Jesus Examines His Church: Suddenly, A Throne:

8/18/19: Jesus Examines His Church: Destitute and Delusional; The Lukewarm Church:

8/11/19:  Jesus Examines His Church:  The Church of the Open Door:

8/4/19: Jesus Examines His Church: The Used-to-Be Church:


7/28/19: Living with Christ (Elder Michael Styers):

7/14/19: Jesus Examines His Church: Tolerating Evil:

7/7/19: Jesus Examines His Church: Danger from Within:


6/30/19: Unmoored from Truth: Independence Day Sermon:

6/23/19: Jesus Examines His Church: Poor, Rich, and Refinded:

6/16/19: Father's Day Sermon-- Wanted: Men

6/9/19: Graduate Sunday Recognition and sermon: Don't Give God your Leftovers (Elder Matt Hauser):

6/2/19:  Communion Devotion: Remember:


5/26/19:  Jesus Examines His Church:  Warm Hands and Cold Hearts:

5/19/19: Jesus Examines His Church: The Majestic Lord of the Church:

5/12/19: God's Call, Our Response: Vocation of Motherhood:

5/5/19: God's Call, Our Response: The Call to Salvation:


4/28/19: The Road to Jericho (Rev. Michael Styers):

4/21/19: God's Call, Our Response: Much More Beyond This:

4/14/19: The Triumphal Entry:

4/6-7/19: Our Birthday Weekend: /our-birthday


3/31/19: God's Call, Our Response: The Measure of Success:

3/24/19: How Great a Salvation: Glorification:             

3/17/19: How Great a Salvation: Sanctification:

3/10/19: How Great a Salvation: Sealed by the Spirit:

3/3/19: How Great a Salvation: Adoption:                   


2/24/19: How Great a Salvation: Redemption:                                          

2/17/19: How Great a Salvation: Reconciliation               

2/10/19: Communion Devotion:

2/3/19: How Great a Salvation:  Justification:   


1/27/19: How Great a Salvation:   Regeneration:              

1/20/19: How Great a Salvation: The Bad News of the Good News:  

1/13/19: Snow Day

1/6/19: How Great a Salvation:  The God of Second Chances:


12/30/18: Body Language:

12/23/18: The Revelations of Christmas:

12/16/18: Growing in Christ (Rev. Michael Styers):

12/2/18: Communion Devotion:

11/25/18: The Foreknowledge of God: