youth ministry

Christ Reformed Baptist Fellowship understands that its mission as a church is to make disciples as we seek to honor Christ and bring God glory.

This starts with our children and youth.  In particular, our youth ministry volunteer team aims to fulfill that mission through an in-depth study of Scripture via Catechism (New City Catechism), aimed at teaching a biblical foundation of who God is, what He has done, and who we are and should be, in response.  We want our students to have a biblical worldview of God, themselves, and everything around them, and catechisms are a great way to pull all of the truths of Scripture together.

We will spend the first part of our meetings eating and enjoying fellowship, and the remaining majority of our time will be spent on studying God’s word through catechism, and finally with prayer.

We want to make disciples of Christ, enjoy true Christian fellowship, be intentional about forming meaningful and lasting relationships with youth and their families, and have fun doing so!  We are a young ministry and our format as well as opportunities and offerings could change as we grow.  We hope to participate in a few larger events throughout the year, as time and resources allow.

We hope to see you there!