10 Essential Truths of the Gospel for children

(and the rest of us)

1.  God is the sovereign Creator of all things.  

2.  God created people for His glory.

3.  God is holy and righteous.

4.  People are sinful.

5.  God is just and is right to punish sin.

6.  God is kind.  He is merciful to undeserving sinners.  

7.  Jesus is God's holy and righteous Son.

8.  God put the punishment of sinners on Jesus, so that His righteousness might be put on them.

9.  God offers the free gift of salvation to those who repent and believe in Jesus.

10.  Those who believe in Jesus will live to please Him and will receive the promise of eternal life--enjoying God forever in heaven.

**Children Desiring God

the gospel in two minutes


Romans 3:23

To understand the Good News of the Gospel, we must understand the bad news of our lost condition. Here's a brief video on our need for a Savior.