who we are

In the Summer of 2018, several families in the Winston-Salem area began to ask, “what if?”

What if there was a church that put Christ first in everything it did?

What if there was a truly reformed Baptist church in the area?

What if there was a church passionate about sharing the Gospel locally and among the nations?

What if there was a church that was intentional about forming and cultivating rich Christian relationships among its members?

In October of 2018, these "what if" questions birthed a new Christian gathering that constituted as a church in April of 2019.

We are Christ Reformed Baptist Fellowship.

We are a simple church. We cling to the sovereignty of God, the supremacy of Christ, and the sufficiency of the Scripture. Our worship is simple, practicing the Reformed worship tradition of the Regulative Principle of Worship. Our focus is simple: glorifying God by making disciples.

We are a biblical church. We strive to make sure our polity, organization, doctrine, and practice match the New Testament pattern.

We are a church still in its infancy. We have been together a little over three years—and half of that time has been the COVID pandemic. All of our ministries are still in their infancy, and there are growing pains.  But it is exciting to see God meeting our needs.

We are a church where the focus is upon what we can give, and not what we can get when we meet together. We are a place where all of our members pitch in to serve one another.  

We are a growing church. Our congregation is currently over 25 households ranging from Clemmons, Winston-salem, King, Pinnacle, to Walnut Cove and Madison. Most of us drive a distance every time we meet because we believe we are doing something significant; glorifying God by building a Reformed Baptist church in Faith and Practice for generations to come.

We are a church where you and your family could have a significant impact. If Christ Reformed Baptist Fellowship sounds like the kind of church you would want to be a part of, we extend a warm invitation to join us on a Sunday and see for yourself who we are.