Our Birthday Weekend

On April 6-7, 2019, Christ Reformed Baptist Fellowship celebrated our "birthday weekend."  On Saturday, we met together to pray, share a meal,  and ordain elders and deacons.  On Sunday, we constituted as a church.

Here's the bulletin for Sunday's service:


You may find direct links to be better quality:

Ordination Service: https://youtu.be/HPS1xf4py8o

Constituting Service: https://youtu.be/Tw5WEUAIktU

Saturday ordination service

On Saturday night before our constituting service on Sunday, we ordained two elders, Todd Edwards and Matt Hauser, and two deacons, Elaine Hauser and Ryan Helf.  Rev. Rex Ware was our guest preacher.


Our constituting service

On Sunday, April 7, 2019, we constituted as a church, shared the Lord's Supper together, and heard a poignant sermon from Dr. Chris Rees, the pastor of our sister-church, Bethesda Baptist Chapel in Narberth, Wales.